Shark Bay Dive & Marine Safaris

Hark Bay's waters, ranging from navy blue to turquoise, are teeming with marine life and offer opportunities for wildlife encounters, natural scenery, and outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and boating. It is a great place to immerse oneself in nature. Join us on Monkey Mia tours and experience, explore and immerse yourself in untouched wilderness, teeming with wildlife and stunning natural beauty.

Monkey Mia

Dive in Shark Bay

Shark Bay's quickly becoming the next big thing for divers down under, right on the Coral Coast. This dive spot is in a world heritage spot, chockers with sea life. Get a load of the buzz diving at Steep Point, where you're as west as possible on the Aussie mainland!

The ancient ground rumblings have left us with massive underwater caves and ledges; all decked out in beautiful soft corals. While you're down there, you might cross paths with some gigantic Queensland groupers, manta rays, stingrays, turtles, cuttlefish, big open-water fish, Western rock lobsters, nudibranchs, and heaps of shark species. Fair dinkum, it's worth the trek to the edge of Oz for this!

For the brave skippers and divers looking for a bit of a yarn, Shark Bay's got spots that only some people see. But most divers will be stoked to hear there's a local outfit in Denham. Shark Bay Dive & Marine Safaris run the show with all-day trips for divers and snorkellers; plus, they sort you out with scuba tanks and gear hire if you're certified, all from their base at Ocean Park Aquarium on Shark Bay Road.

Snorkelling in Shark Bay

Shark Bay's a ripper spot for a snorkel sesh any time of year, right? Most of the bay's a cinch for a shallow dive over a sandy bottom, but you have a few choice spots to check out, too.

Over on Dirk Hartog Island, you can squish at some beautiful coral gardens. Places like Louisa Bay and Sandy Point are top-notch, and you can get there by boat or ferrying it in a 4WD across the island.

Got a 4WD? Head to the Francois Peron National Park, where the Gregories camping area has this rocky bit sticking out into the drink. It's a pearler at high tide. The rocks are chockers with fish, making it a real treat for a snorkel.

Monkey Mia tours

Monkey Mia Beach is ace for beginners – the water's as calm as, and you might get lucky and spot a stingray, a turtle, or even a dolphin cruising by.

Down at the Denham Foreshore, they've got these swimming pontoons that pull in heaps of sea life – worth ducking under for a gander.

Then there's the Little Lagoon Inlet off Stella Rowley Drive – a mangrove spot nursery for the little fish and crabs. The colours here are stunning – worth a look from the lookout, but it's a whole other world under the water. Just a heads up, though – Stonefish reckon this place is good for breeding, so watch where you're stepping, hey?

Suppose you're keen to get into snorkelling, hire gear from Monkey Mia, Sha,rk Bay Dive, and Marine Safaris or hit the local shops to buy your kit. Plus, some Shark Bay tour operators will take you snorkelling by boat and 4WD.