Some Gacha Life Characters You Should Know!

Gacha Life consists of over a hundred of different characters, where each character comes with its own unique abilities, preferences, personality, and others. Gacha Life provides you an opportunity to know about a specific character, and all you have to do is to talk to him or her. Talking with a particular character, not only lets you get information about him/her, but also helps in raising your friendship level.

You must also know that talking to a character will cost you two stamina points.

Want to know more about Gacha Life characters? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn about some characters in brief.

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Alexa like playing tennis and has a puppy named Pepper. She wants to fulfill her dream job which enables her to read all day. Her favorite band is Fam and Pals, while her favorite show is Red’s Anatomy.

She is fond of violin, writes with the left hand and loves the fall season.

Gacha Life characters

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Brody loves to go fishing with his dad and has caught a bay bass fish. Each summer, he starts reading books but never finishes them. He has a dream of having a big truck when he grows. He is fond of listening to music, so always wear his headphones. He always be seen wearing his favorite sunglasses. He thinks lobster tastes similar to chicken and like to know if you have ever tried it.


Casper has long hair and thinks of getting a haircut almost after 3 years. He has a cousin named Patches and a ghost friend named Carter. Frankeshin is his favorite Halloween character and does not scare easily. He loves veggie smoothie and thinks cookies decoration as a fun activity. He claims that he is a ghost.


Lemo’s favorite color is green and her hair and ears are too green. Lado is annoying as per Lemo. Though her blood pressure is very low, she claims to have the best hearing ability than other characters. She does not like the loud sound and usually sleeps for 10 hours continually when she feels tired. She likes lemonade and is most active in the night. Her greatest fear is ghosts.


She used to burn ants using a magnifying glass in childhood, so she is a bad girl character. She does not like reading happy books and gets angry when she sees a rainbow, but she likes clouds. The music is like a horrible thing for Jade. She likes bubble gums and used to wear green contact lenses.

Gacha Life characters


Luni loves anime figures and has a huge collection of them. His favorite color is blue and favorite animal is a duck. He can even imitate ducks. He has a large number of visors, more than 4,200 and wants more to add. Ramunade and Pat are his best friends.


Sand’s favorite color is yellow and loves to meet new people and being their friend. Dollar Store is her favorite place to visit. She likes Elsa, a character from the movie Freeze. She likes fruit salad but eats it only if there is pineapple in it. Her scarf has a bunch of herbs and she really loves learning new makeup tricks.


Unlike Jade, Yuni loves to see a rainbow. She loves to eat cherries, all kinds of sweets and likes listening to cheerful music. Her favorite hobby is fortune-telling and Lemo is her best friend. One of her friends gifted her bow and her biggest fear is a snake.

Hope, you will enjoy reading some of these Gacha Life characters, it makes you more exciting to know about other characters as well.