Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life – You should know

Gacha Life is another casual game which takes you to a new adventure, allowing you to create your own characters and get them ready in your favorite fashion outfits. All can be done by choosing your preferred outfit from the hundreds of dresses, shirts, accessories, hairstyles, weapons and many more.

Isn’t it amazing and adventurous when you get a chance to dress up your character in your own way, along with creating your own story using hundreds of backgrounds to choose from?

As there are plenty of activities to do in the game, so here you will learn about some tips and tricks that will help you to walk through the different aspects of Gacha Life and play this game like a pro.

Create Your Own Characters

Yes, Gacha Life gives you the freedom to create your own characters by editing any character from the eight character slots. When you choose any character, you will get the number of pages containing a variety of customization options. You just require tapping the buttons of the options you have to obtain.

Once you make the changes, make sure to set the name and other personal details of your character.

Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life

Studio Mode

You must try Studio Mode to create scenes containing all the characters available in the first eight character slots. You can do anything you want, like setting up a group photo or can set up a scenario where they all characters can interact. To add them in the scene, simply tap on the character‘s icon, and edit the scenario in your own way, like changing the background, adding props, editing chat bubbles and many more.

Studio Mode also allows you to save up to 9 different scenes and can use them whenever you want to edit.

Raising Relationship Levels

When you are in Life mode, you will get a scene with 1 or 2 characters as well as arrow buttons on the screen to find the remaining characters across different locations.

The characters in the scene are those with whom you can interact. Simply tap on the character and talk with him/her, additionally, you can also raise your friendship level with that particular character.

You will get the number of options like Talk, Ask, Gift and Quiz when looking for raising relationship levels with the characters.

Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life

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Mini Games

When you are out of stamina and need time to recover, Gacha Life offers you eight mini games to play while you are waiting for your recovered stamina. Also, it provides you a chance to earn free gems which depend on your scores. You just have to keep an eye for the mini game available with bonus icon as playing that particular game will give you additional gems.

The eight mini games in Gacha Life are 1chi’s Math, Bex’s Festival, Duck & Dodge, Phantom’s Remix, Narwhal Sky, Orca Sploosh, Picc Pawket Rhythm, Abushu Candy Toss.

Earn Free Gems

In addition to earning gems from playing mini games, there is another way to earn more gems by simply tapping gifts button available on the home screen. Also, subscribing to the various channels of the developer of each game will reward 50 gems by the developer itself.

You can also watch videos ads to earn a number of gems, something like up to 150 gems in a single ad.

If followed properly, this guide will help you to get the most out of Gacha Life gameplay