Different Types of Mini Games in Gacha Life to Play

Some games help players relax and enjoy their free time. The gameplay of each game allows players to engage in a certain kind of activity and recharge themselves. Take for example the applications that allow users to play chess or scrabble on their phones. But these games can get monotonous after a certain point.

This is why players should try a versatile game such as Gacha Life. this game not only allows players to dress a character up to the way they want, but they are also able to play different mini-games as a way of gratification and this means that the player will have a variation in the game and remain hooked to it for longer-

There are a total of six mini-games that one can explore while playing Gacha Life-

Ichi’s Math

This is a game that allows players to exercise their brain and answer math questions in a given amount of time. The questions start with simple ones and then gradually go up in terms of difficulty. If you get a wrong answer or do not manage to finish the questions in time, you lose a life. You are given three lives to play this game.

Different Types of Mini Games in Gacha Life

Bex’s Festival

The game is based on a character Bex who loves chicken nuggets. The nuggets will fall from the sky and you need to move your character to catch as many as you can. The more nuggets you catch, the higher you score. You don’t have to get the nuggets into the box. You are awarded five lives to play this game and you lose a life when a nugget hits the floor. This provides Gacha Life with an arcade game.

Duck and Dodge

This is another arcade game that is the opposite of Bex’s Festival. You need to dodge the objects falling from the sky. The player only gets three lives and hence needs to be agile to avoid any of the objects in the game.

Narwhal Sky

This game requires a player to control Senpaibuns as she rides through Narwhal. You have to go ahead while collecting stars on the way. These will help you increase the score. There will be moons marked on the path, these are to be avoided and hitting them will cost you one life.

Different Types of Mini Games in Gacha Life

Orca Sploosh

The player controls an Orca that is supposed to keep six balls out of the pool of water. The only movement that the player can make it on the left or right. The balls are redeemable as long as they don’t hit the bottom. This game starts with ten lives awarded to the player.

With this versatility in the game, the player is bound to have fun and stay hooked to the game for a longer period. This ensures that the player can switch up the gameplay whenever they want without having to download different kinds of games from the app store. So go ahead download Gacha Life today!