Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life for Dummies

Gacha Life has always been an interesting and creative game for players who love trying different games, either to spend their free time or to just show their creative skills through games.

Here, in this guide, you will learn some tips and tricks that can be used to progress in Gacha Life. It includes how to use some features, how to obtain gems, how to customize your characters as well as how to raise the level in the game.

In case you have not already downloaded the game on PC, here is the way to get Gacha Life on your PC or Mac.

How to use some features?

Skit Maker

This feature allows you to create your own skits in which you can add only two characters in one skit. For each skit, you have a number of options to set, such as placing character, including text, setting background, setting emotes, changing poses, changing the music of a skit, etc. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click the Save button to save your skits and then click ‘Start Skit’ button to play the skit and enjoy.

Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life

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Studio Mode

This feature enables you to add multiple characters from all character slots collection in one scene. Just click on a character you want to add and it will be seen displayed in the scene. You can click the Props button or Chat button to include props or chat bubbles for your characters. When happy with the result, click the Save button to save the scene.

How to obtain gems?

One way to earn gems is to tap Gifts button from the home menu containing links such as subscribing to the YouTube channel or follow on Twitch. It will reward you 900 gems.

The second way is to watch video ads which will enable you to earn 10-150 gems.

The third way is to play mini-games. Though it enables you to earn lesser gems than the above two ways, you must try playing these games in your free time.

Tips & Tricks of Gacha Life

How to customize your characters?

When you start a game, you will get eight characters slots to customize your characters from the multiple options available at the right side of the screen. These options include Presets, Body, Hair, Face, Clothes, Props, Profile, and Others. Each option is used for a specific purpose, such as ‘Body’ option lets you change the gender, skin color and height of a character, ‘Hair’ option allows you change different hairstyles and colors, and so on.

There is a ‘BG’ option on the home menu with the help of which you can change the background of your character. If you want to zoom in your character, simply click on the ‘zoom’ button.

How to raise the level in the game?

When you click the ‘Life’ button from the home menu of Gacha Life, you will enter the Life mode. You are allowed to click on any NPC from the collection to interact with them. The game offers you multiple options to interact with NPC, these include Talk, Ask, Gift and Quiz.

When you talk with another character, it will cost you 2 stamina points. If you use the Ask option, it will cost 3 stamina points and this option is unlocked at level 2. Using a Gift option will charge you 5 stamina points, where the number of star gifts you send will enable you to earn gems. Quiz option will cost you 50 stamina points and when you give correct answers to all questions, you will be rewarded with 50 gems.

When you reach level 5 with one character, it is advised to interact with the next character.